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All welding work is carried out by a specialist WIG welding machine. Minor repairs can be done in a short time. Of course, the components such as e.g. The engine housing is pre-heated to the necessary temperature before welding in a high-performance furnace in order to achieve the best results and to keep the warp as low as possible. The areas to be welded are first freed from the oxide layer by milling and grinding. Stainless steel parts and especially stainless steel exhaust systems can be repaired and repaired. Motorcycle and also car felts are repaired by welding and subsequent grinding.

worb5 vespa lambretta welding

There are countless possibilities for aluminum welding. Alloy whites are very helpful in engine construction.
worb5 vespa lambretta welding

Against every assumption, virtually everything can be sweetened. Aluminum castings are also easily weldable in most cases. Some things are just better - others again somewhat worse.

The welding result often lies on the material to be welded. It often contains welding-promoting accompanying substances, which lead unconditionally to bubble formation and thus strongly influence tightness and stability. Then the most extraordinary welding filler (welding wire) does not help. To 95% we welded with AlSi5 and ALSi12. In stock we also have some other alloys like. e.g. AlMg3, AlMg5, and ALMg4.5Mn.

Handlebars (i.e., PX and Lambretta handlebars) can generally be welded quite well, although sometimes also a few black sheep appear.

Aluminum cylinders (e.g., a new exhaust port for the 210 PX Malossi) and some cylinder heads can be welded excellently. Motor housings are a little brittle now and then, but are almost always tame.

worb5 vespa lambretta welding

Large parts are preheated in our oven to a good 250 degrees. When welding engine housings make sure that the old bearings (for example of the crankshaft) remain in the bearing seat in order to minimize distortion. The bearings are then of course over there and must be replaced by new ones.
Likewise, large components, especially motor housings, are slowly cooled down in a furnace within about 5 hours after welding.
Frame parts and their struts are very susceptible to rims, especially with Lambretta vehicles. We only work with TIG. This allows us to weld even the thinnest materials back together. MIG MAG welding (wire comes from the gun) is more suitable for tacking rough and thick parts together.

worb5 vespa lambretta welding

Special conversions to the frame, shortening of the hoods, shortening of the stern and the welding of old bolt holes belong to the daily business.

worb5 vespa lambretta welding
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