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worb5 vespa tuev service

worb5 vespa tuev service

Vehicle conversions and increases in performance can be registered in our vehicle papers by TÜV. Partial reports are not always necessary.

We also produce complete vehicle papers by means of §21 full-scale approvals, if no documents are available, or if it is a vehicle from abroad.

TÜV and Dekra come regularly into the house. Normal 2-year examinations with or without ASU (Exhaust Exhaust Examination) are, of course, also possible.

Also a transcription of 50 cc papers somewhat more modern scooters of e.g. 45 km / h to 25 km / h (moped) are possible.

It goes without saying that the vehicle should be in a GOOD TECHNICAL state. The optics does not play an important role. Of course we check the vehicle carefully before the TÜV / Dekra approval in order to avoid a breakdown.
All work which is necessary to pass the inspection can of course be done by us.

Special regulation for turn signals for light-duty motorbikes under 125 ccm:

Vehicles (light motorcycles) under 125 ccm AND under a maximum of 11 kW need no direction indicators. Vehicles under 125 ccm with an output of more than 11 kW need turn signals. This is laid down in the Stvzo §54 Direction indicator => http://www.stvzo.de/stvzo/b5.htm

However, it can not be entered into the vehicle papers "without a blinker", since this would be a deterioration in driving safety.
For transmissions from 50 to 124 cc or similar. a passing and passing beam should be available. Brake light, of course, too. Follow the blinking rule according to §54.

By the way, a vehicle with 124.99 ccm is a light-weight bike and 125.00 ccm already a motorcycle. This is often overlooked.

In addition, care must be taken to ensure that suitable tires (speed index !!!) are mounted.

J = 100 km/h
K = 110 km/h
L = 120 km/h
M = 130 km/h
N = 140 km/h
P = 150 km/h

worb5 vespa tuev service
In order to check the basic registration, it is best to get some photos and a good scan of the vehicle papers in advance.

Over the years, there are some hurdles:

All vehicles younger than 1962 and over 125 ccm need turn signals - without if and when. Vehicles with 1961 and older no matter what displacement need no turn signals. Also, handlebar indicator lights are correct, provided they have a neat luminance to the front and rear.

Various exhaust gas standards have existed in recent years. Important is the year 1989. Everything with year of construction until 31.12.1988 does not need an exhaust gas examination = ASU. So here we are on the good side with the performance increase. Vehicles with 1989 and younger, strictly speaking, require proof that the exhaust gas values ​​do not deteriorate during driving. With driving operation is actually meant not the normal ASU, in the standing gas, a measuring bowl is held in the exhaust and sometimes gas is given. Instead, we are talking about a measurement of the exhaust gases in the actual driving operation - gladly also on a simulation test stand with a dynamic roller brake, .... Makeable ! But the cost factor is roughly 2000 - 4000 €. And the probability of existence is rather low.
However, there are exceptions for vehicles from 1988 onwards, depending on the exact vehicle type.

For example, e.g. a Vespa PX125 with Bj. 2001 which would be converted to 200 ccm still in the range of the original model range. Because the PX also existed in the 2001 version with 200 ccm - that is. the PX 125 model has been exhaust gas tested already up to 200 ccm.

Gilera Runner with 125 ccm can easily be transferred to 180 ccm.

Transmissions of old Vespas of 50 cc to e.g. 130 ccm or more are possible. From 120 km / h a disc brake is very advantageous.

Basically, we can enter the following for vehicles up to 1988 (example):

- higher performance
- higher speed
- higher noise levels
- Lifting extensions
- Malossi cylinder, Lambretta RB, ...
- diaphragm suction connection, ...
- Vegaters of any size
- Foam air filters, ...
- Ignitions Malossi, Vespatronic, ...
- Exhaust systems
- Front and rear disc brakes
- Shock absorbers
- Tail lights
- white turn signal glasses
- dark tinted lenses
- Steering wheel indicator
- Quick throttle
- Wide tires
- One man seat benches
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