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Our dropguards are completely manufactured in our house in 1A quality. They are welded with a TIG welding machine and a specially selected welding additive.
In recent years, we have certainly converted more than 1000 handlebars, without ever having a "break". Unfortunately, we can not give any warranty or guarantee on the handlebars we manufacture. We must point out the following to you:

Drop handlebars are not permitted for public road traffic nor for racing.
There is no liability whatsoever for breaking the handlebar. Only for optical vehicle finishing - for e.g. Show and exhibitions.

worb5 vespa lambretta drop bar

On customer request the inclination can be varied. The slope is described as follows:
"Inclination x cm measured externally on the inserted gas, or switching tube."

worb5 vespa lambretta drop bar

This means you determine the multiple inclination at the extreme end of the rod. To do this, insert the throttle and throttle tube into the handlebar body. This gives you the complete handlebar width. Now imagine how far the ends should go further down.
Basically, there are the following indications:
- 3 cm inclination are decent - but also very nice, especially on oldtimers like Vespa Rally or Sprint or Lambretta, ....
- 4.5 cm inclination are medium. Looks very nice.
- 6 cm is strongly inclined. Is also very small for Smallframe.
- 8 or even 8.5 to 9 cm is crassly inclined. This is synonymous only with PX handlebars and NOT with Smallframe or Rally, since it with the cable pulleys and the tachometer inside the handlebar simply no more hinhaut.

Bracket for hydraulic handbrake pump
We are assembling handlebars to take a PX 98 handbrake pump, including a spatula and priming work. For example, on a rally and a T 5 handlebars.

worb5 vespa lambretta drop bar

Extreme custom-made
We can convert everything to customer requirements.
For example, the Vespa Rally handlebars are shortened by about 25 mm on either side to avoid exceeding a total width despite the MB switching element and short stroke gas grip.
ONLY make cover (Vespa PX, Pk)
Just send the already converted handlebar lower part. Often, externally welded handlebars are welded at impossible locations, so that it can also be that it is not possible to make a cover. Also conceivable is a small re-welding on externally welded handlebar components.

worb5 vespa lambretta drop bar

In principle, we are also very glad to help you with an advisory function. It is very difficult to estimate which drop inclination for the corresponding Vespa or Lambretta is the most beautiful. This is mainly dependent on personal taste. However, too much inclined handlebars are also no longer easy to ride and the wrists hurt after some time on the highway.
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