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In the area of engine maintenance and tuning, it is essential to adapt components individually. Of particular importance here are machining machines such as turning and milling machines.


worb5 vespa lambretta spinning and milling

We have the possibility to perform all work on our lathe in order to fit parts. Of course it is also possible to manufacture complete components. Crankshafts can be turned off. Cylinder heads can be planned and the combustion chamber geometry is changed. Cylinders are turned upwards and also downwards to change control times.
The machining of aluminum and steel is possible. There are countless examples of a useful use of the lathe.

worb5 vespa lambretta spinning and milling

The connecting rod and connecting rod bearings are reduced. Motorcycles are turned off and relieved. All shafts can be finely ground. Crankshafts Crank pins are reworked.

worb5 vespa lambretta spinning and milling
Sealing surfaces on the motor housing are planned on a multi-axis CNC milling machine.
There are several examples of the useful application of a milling machine. After welding up e.g. large overcurrent ducts on the outside of the engine housing as well as on the inside, the plane surface for the cylinder mount must be milled.

worb5 vespa lambretta spinning and milling

Likewise, the diameter which the cylinder foot should accommodate is increased. Carbide sealing surfaces are often milled. Crankcases are spooled inside to accommodate larger crankshafts. These operations must be carried out on a professional milling machine.
The re-milling of complete bearing seats also occurs. Not infrequently, bearing seats are completely welded by laser welding and the CNC is precision milled to 0.005 mm.

worb5 vespa lambretta spinning and milling

Negligence of only a few hundredths of a millimeter can cause a fit and leakage.

worb5 vespa lambretta spinning and milling
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