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The cylinder is equipped with a new special coating in a specialist company and the right piston game is worthwhile.

The coating is composed, among other things, of nickel and silicon carbide and has a very high strength and hardness on which the surface protects against wear.

By the way, gray cast iron and steel cylinders can also be coated !!

In order to determine the correct piston play, we absolutely need the piston to be installed. This is precisely measured and the cylinder is honed accordingly.

worb5 vespa cylinder coating
worb5 vespa cylinder coating

We are happy to help you choose the piston game.

Damaged aluminum cylinders can be repaired. In the case of a deep plunger, the depth of the deep seizure is welded after stripping and the cylinder is reworked.

A torn cylinder foot can be repaired by laser welding before a new cylinder coating completes the cylinder.
It is also possible to repair a scored outlet web again. For this purpose, it is individually decided whether the web is welded, lasered or completely reused.

Very interesting is a new coating with cramping cylinders. This keeps the porting. It does not have to be carried out again on a factory-new cylinder kit.

worb5 vespa cylinder coating
worb5 vespa cylinder coating

worb5 vespa cylinder coating
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