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worb5 vespa lambretta steel sliding bushing


Defective oldtimer cylinders can be repaired by inserting a steel bearing bush. This repair is a very complex workshop service - carried out several times a year by us.

The term Stahllaufbuchse has become established over time and is actually wrong. It is not a question of steel but a properly alloyed gray cast iron.
A cylinder with a solid crack in the cylinder base can only be repaired by inserting a bush.

worb5 vespa lambretta steel sliding bushing

Steel sliding bushing tuning
Aluminum cylinders and gray cast iron cylinders can be provided with a cast bushing. The advantage is that larger pistons can now be driven. This leads in part to a drastic extension of the lift. The forging pistons of Wiseco or Wössner are preferably used.
Conversions and / or bushings are only made to order. It is useful to use a defective cylinder for a production.

worb5 vespa lambretta steel sliding bushing

worb5 vespa lambretta steel sliding bushing
Finished steel sliding bushing without windows
A cylinder bearing bushing is manufactured according to a given drawing. It is finely machined externally to the right size and also on the inside of the bore hole minus 1mm. There is also a shoulder on the upper edge of the saddle. According to experience, the sockets are shrunk with an excess of 0.06 mm. Please enter the measurements exactly. The outer diameter of the bush (shrink fit) should be 0.01 mm.
Please download the drawing template for the dimensions here:

socket drawing
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