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This is our motto and will be raised.

worb5 scooterparts is workshop and sales - but above all advice. We only work  with people who are themselves scooters - with heart and soul in the  matter - so we ensure top quality and top service.

worb5 scooterparts vespa lambretta

Next to our shop, of course, the big workshop is our "heart". Because here  individual solutions are found, parts are reworked, developed &  tested - that makes what worb5 is different than the others. Simply go ahead - we will show you our ideas forge.

worb5 scooterparts vespa lambretta

In our store  locomotive you will find the most necessary scooter, for example engine  oil, gear oil, tires, hoses, nozzles, seals, bulbs, spark plugs and an  extensive range of spare parts.

worb5 scooterparts vespa lambretta 08

In addition, we also offer a selection of Mecherdise items, so you can make others or yourself a joy.

We are a  registered craftsman and therefore a member of the Chamber of Crafts and  are specialized in two-wheel-technology and in the commercial sector. 3 lifting platforms and a well-equipped workshop complete the picture.

worb5 tire Service Vespa Lambretta

Inspection & tire service
It goes without saying that worb5 also has a normal service. The best-equipped workshop is used to carry out inspections on a high standard for all vehicle types.Tires and braking are of course included. Original spare parts are, of course, used for this purpose.

worb5 engine Lambretta mounting Tuning

Motor mounting
Expert and trained employees assemble the engine. Only really necessary part is exchanged. A consultation with the customer takes place, of course, especially if unpredictable spare parts have to be exchanged.

Motor mounting worb5 vespa lambretta

Crankshaft repair
Presses, cheeks, pin holes, honing conrods, reducing cones, pressing, aligning, fine balancing, customizing eccentric journals. For racing, the crank pin is laser-welded.

crankshaft repair worb5 vespa lambretta
worb5 vespa lambretta turning milling

Spinning & Milling
In the short term, all the turning work can be carried out. This is important when it comes to the adjustment of control times, compression and crushing edges, i. Cylinder heads and cylinders must be turned off.
All milling operations can also be carried out.

Drop bar
20 years of experience in the construction of drop bars! Special customer requirements can be taken into account.
Tilt angle, steering shortening, handbrake pump holder. The handlebars are finely machined - since only the lacquer is missing.

worb5 vespa lambretta drop bar

worb5 vespa lambretta engine tuning fault diagnostics

Engine tuning and fault diagnostics

The performance test bench is indispensable for motor diagnostics. The test bed has
the  latest software and state-of-the-art equipment: sound-proofed space,  exhaust gas extraction, high-performance aerators for water-cooled  vehicles, roller brake and automatic starter (roller drive). Here, ignition and carburettor adjustments are performed reliably.
It is also possible to estimate the actual maximum speed.

aluminum & Steel WIG welding
All welding work is performed here with worb5 with a TIG device. Smaller repairs even within the shortest time. Engine housings are preheated before welding. Stainless steel exhaust systems can be repaired and repaired.

Here you can find a lot of parts for the classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters as well as for automatic scooters.

worb5 vespa lambretta onlineshop classic

worb5 vespa lambretta onlineshop classic

worb5 vespa lambretta onlineshop classic

worb5 vespa lambretta onlineshop classic

worb5 vespa lambretta onlineshop classic

worb5 vespa lambretta onlineshop scooter

worb5 vespa lambretta onlineshop scooter

worb5 vespa lambretta onlineshop scooter
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