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All welding work is performed here with worb5 with a TIG device. Smaller repairs also within a very short time. Engine housings are preheated before welding. Stainless steel exhaust systems can be repaired and repaired. There are countless... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta welding

The ALU cylinder is equipped with a new special coating at a specialist company and the right piston game is worthwhile.
In order to determine the correct piston play, we absolutely need the piston to be installed. When selecting the piston play... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta cylinder coating

worb5 vespa lambretta laser welding

Laser welding is no longer indispensable. By the laser welding method, also hardened components are welded. This comes constantly for use... MORE
In our well-equipped workshop we are able to carry out almost all the work ourselves. This is very important to achieve the best possible and consistent results. In our workshop, only skilled workers work with training
in the area of two-wheelers or vehicles... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta workshop

Our dropguards are manufactured in 1A quality. They are here with us. In recent years, we have rebuilt more than 1000 handlebars without ever having a "break". Unfortunately, we can still... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta drop bar

We can swap tires in a short time.
Often the rear exhaust has to be dismantled in order to reach the wheel. A tire-mounting machine facilitates this... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta tyre service
On request, we will restore your Vespa, Lambretta or other two-wheeler. Of course we can get you any basic model. The extent of restoration is usually as follows... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta restoration

Vehicle conversions and increases in performance can be registered in our vehicle papers by TÜV. Partial reports are not always necessary... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta tuev service dekra

In the area of engine maintenance and tuning, it is essential to adapt components individually. Of particular importance here are processing machines such as turning and milling machines. We have the possibility to perform all work on our lathe... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta spinning and milling

We repair threads of all sizes. There are 3 different possibilities. The best way to repair the unit is to use TimeSert threaded bushings... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta thread repair

We repair cylinders by inspecting them and equip them with a larger piston. These so-called oversize pistons are accurately measured and the cylinder... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta cylinder honing

worb5 vespa lambretta sandblasting

Whether the lacquer layer should be removed from the sheet metal frame or the aluminum motor housing of the old Vespa should shine again in new brilliance. We offer the right blasting method for every application.
Sandblasting with a sharp-edged blasting agent is used to paint frames and metal parts. Hereby is... MORE

We perform all sheet metal work ourselves. It is possible to insert new metal parts in your Vespa frame or to renew the leg shield completely... MORE

worb5 vespa lambretta sheet metal works
worb5 vespa lambretta sheet metal works

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