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worb5 vespa lambretta Carburettor

For many years, we have been convincing with Dellorto, Mikuni or Keihin carburettors. The Mikuni and Keihin carburettors are superior to the Dellorto carburettors in their technology and performance. The tunability is many times easier and more precise than with the Flatschieber or Rundschiebervergarzern from Dellorto.

worb5 vespa lambretta Carburettor
Carburettor size
The choice of carburettor size is not always easy. It depends on only two factors: the displacement and the rated speed of the engine. For example, a 125 cc engine, which delivers its maximum output at 6000 rpm with a 38 mm carburetor so it is comprehensible that this engine does not draw as much air as a 350 ccm engine, its max. Power at 10,000 rpm. The carburetor requires a sufficiently large gas speed (air suction speed) for the functioning of the atomization.

worb5 vespa lambretta Carburettor

worb5 vespa lambretta Carburettor
If you compare the speed of the carburetor of a 30 mm carburetor with a 38 mm carburettor on one engine, it is certainly bigger in the 30 mm carburettor: the venturi effect, which allows the gasoline to be drawn from the float chamber, is stronger. The intake and atomization of the gasoline is therefore much better at low speeds with a smaller carburettor - but at high speeds it is not worse.

worb5 vespa lambretta Carburettor

The cross-section of the carburetor must always be considered and not just the diameter specified. A 35 mm carburetor is twice as large as a 25 mm carburetor (25 mm = 490 qmm, 35 mm = 961 qmm). On Lambretta cylinders with delivered std. Cylinders and AF Clubman exhaust we already have a good 30 mm Mikuni. With a 27 mm but a little more at low speeds. Accordingly, we use 27.

The Mikunis and Keihin carburetors speak better and simply work better. Technically, they atomize the gasoline more elegantly or finer. The following carburetor types have proven to be successful:

27 mm with Power Jet
30 mm with Power Jet
38 mm with Power Jet
28 mm Keihin
35 mm keihin Airstriker

By the way, the Power Jet system is not an "injection" in the conventional sense, but a mixture enrichment with full gate opening and high gas speed (high speed). Only then is gas sucked from the bottom out of the float chamber (with an upstream nozzle) through a channel and fed into the carburetor opening from the front. This leads to a better mixture composition and prevents a leaning at full gas.

worb5 vespa lambretta Carburettor
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