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We will gladly revise your engine. To
the engine is externally analyzed and completely disassembled into its individual parts in the first step. The engine parts are... MORE

worb5 vespa engine motor mounting

In order to  create a perfect connection between the carburettor and the cylinder,  or the carburetor and engine housing, it is very often necessary to  adapt the intake manifold individually. This can be done by milling or by preliminary welding... MORE

worb5 vespa instake manifold

worb5 vespa engine case

The machinings on the engine block are actually divided into two areas: the inlet (at housing inlet) and the overflow ducts.
Here are usually still hidden PS. Especially with Vespa and Lambrettamotoren it is useful the overcurrent channels... MORE

A well-running engine also includes optimized compression. Because you should neither risk an overheating or even a hole in the piston, let alone renounce performance. It is important that the compression ratio... MORE

worb5 vespa compression
worb5 vespa crankshaft

Pressing out, pressing crank handles, pin holes, machining cones, reducing conrod bearings,
balancing, aligning, fine balancing, custom manufacturing of eccentric
Crank pin. For racing... MORE

worb5 vespa steel sliding bushing

Aluminum cylinders can be provided with a casting bush. The advantage is that larger pistons can now be driven. This leads in part to a drastic extension of the lift. It is preferable to use... MORE

worb5 vespa clutch
worb5 vespa clutch

Tuned motors require a stronger clutch which is capable of transmitting larger torques. This is achieved by increasing the friction surface (4 instead of 3 washers) or / and by increasing the contact force (reinforced springs). Often the coupling cage must also be used... MORE

In the case of tuned engines it is indispensable to set the ignition precisely. If the ignition is too late (less than 15 degrees), a lower power yield can be expected. If the ignition is too early (more than 25 degrees) is usually a hole in the... MORE

worb5 vespa ignition

worb5 vespa carburettor

For years we have been working with Dellorto, Mikuni or Keihin carburettors (see Onlineshop).
The Mikuni and Keihin Vegraser are in your technique and... MORE

A conversion to water cooling is a large and elaborate... MORE

worb5 vespa water cooling

In processing, the better or more streamlined design of the transfer channels, the cross sections in general, and the size of the channel cross sections on the... MORE

worb5 vespa cylinder
worb5 vespa exhaust

We develop exhaust systems for 2 stroke engines. This is indispensable in the racing sector where every half horsepower counts.
We can count on an infinitely large experience treasure to get the maximum power from a motor... MORE

Also a transmission has to be designed correctly. It is on the one hand the right choice with regard to the transmission ratio of the individual gears as well as the determining of the best... MORE

worb5 vespa gearing

worb5 vespa piston

In the case of the piston processing, the flowability is also primarily concerned with the flowability.
Unclean castings are grinded, piston windows are extended or newly inserted. Care must be taken... MORE

worb5 vespa piston
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